Corporate profile

Our Company Philosophy

Since the founding of our company, we become 100-year-old company.
We highly appreciate local community, business partners, employees who engage in our company.

Our company started off with forestry business in 1918, however, our business style had altered with trends of the times. We have been developing and extending our field to building materials, construction, internal and external construction, home equipment installation and renovation. Additionally, we have focused on promoting installation of photovoltaic power generation.

We will keep developing and changing with this question "What we can do" and "What we exist for" to our clients and end-user. We will improve our employees' education and structure the system to accomplish our mission.

Finally, since our fourth-generation became CEO, we are carrying on our business in living based on our original and present mission "Proposal and Creation of Comfortable Living Environment" and we will prepare pessimistically and act optimistically with our philosophy "Sincerity, Amity, Effort".

Chairman Takahiko Yoshida
Takahiko Yoshida
tatuhiro yoshida.jpg
Tatsuhiro Yoshida

Corporate Philosophies

"Sincerity, Amity and Effort"

Corporate Principles

Proposal and creation of comfortable living environment

Have confidence and responsibility for what we will do Have planning, then act promptly and certainly Make an effort, hold out and advance Make an intimacy with everyone and accomplish the job Keep promise and be punctual.

Corporate Profile

Head Office
〒460-0024 1-1 Masaki, Naka-ku, Nagoya Japan
TEL : 052-331-3588
FAX : 052-331-2596
E-mail :
February 1918
August 1948
Tatsuhiro Yoshida
  • Export & Import of furniture, furniture and building materials
  • Wholesale and retail sale of building materials and furniture parts
  • Designing and installing of interior and exterior housing appliances
  • Construction, rebuilding and remodeling of housing
  • Sale and setting services with window exterior, doors and other exterior parts
Paid-up Capital
JPY 80,000,000 (USD 862,000)
158 people
  • The Juroku Bank Ltd. Head Office
  • The Ogaki-Kyoritsu Bank Ltd. Nagoya Branch
  • The Gifu Credit Depository Ltd. Kikui-cho Branch

Corporate History

February 1918
Founded Yamagataya Lumber Store by Jubei Yoshida
November 1946
Built a Lumber Mill in Gifu
August 1948
Incorporated Yamagataya Lumber Co.,Ltd.
Junichi Yoshida was inaugurated as President
January 1954
Opened Nagoya Branch
January 1956
Reorganized for a Stock Company
January 1958
Moved a Lumber Mill
Built a Head Office Building and Warehouse in Gifu
August 1962
Increased the Capital to JPY 18,000,000
May 1967
Increased the Capital to JPY 30,000,000
February 1970
Renamed the Company Name to YAMAGATAYA Co.,Ltd.
Transferred Head Office to the present location, in Nagoya
May 1971
Established Yamagataya Mokuzaikogyo Co.,Ltd. (Separated later)
November 1971
Opened Gifu Sales Dept.
May 1972
Increased the Capital to JPY 48,000,000
July 1972
Built a New Head Office Building and Warehouse in Nagoya
May 1973
Opened Gifu Sash Dept.
August 1973
Established Yamagataya Sangyo Co.,Ltd. (Separated later)
May 1975
Opened Hozumi Branch Office
March 1976
Established Yamagataya Ohta-ten Co.,Ltd.
August 1978
Established Yamagataya Kenso Co.,Ltd.
December 1982
Established Reform Gifu Co.,Ltd. (Renamed to Refine Gifu later)
February 1983
Built a New Building for Yamagataya Ohta-ten Co.,Ltd.
September 1983
Built a New Building for Yamagataya Kenso and Refine Gifu
October 1983
Increased the Capital to JPY 80,000,000
February 1988
Celebrated the 70th Anniversary
Junichi Yoshida was inaugurated as Chairman
Takahiko Yoshida was inaugurated as President
December 1993
Built a New Building for Yamagataya Gifu Sales Dept. and Gifu Sash Dept.
The Name of Gifu Sales Dept. changed to At Home
May 1995
Opened Kaihatsu (development) Dept.
December 1995
Established Techno Build Co.,Ltd.
May 1997
The Name of Gifu Sash Dept. changed to Home Window
October 1997
Built a New Warehouse in Ginan-cho
February 1998
Celebrated the 80th Anniversary
May 2001
Established C-ADD Co.,Ltd.
February 2003
Celebrated the 85th Anniversary
January 2005
Established Maruboshi Shinkenzaiten Co.,Ltd.
June 2005
Established Yamagataya Takayama-ten Co.,Ltd.
October 2006
Built a Model House of 24hours Air-Conditioning Equipments "Kaitekinaie"
February 2007
Established Refine Gifu Nagara Co.,Ltd.
February 2008
Celebrated the 90th Anniversary
July 2009
Merged Yamagataya Ohta-ten Co.,Ltd., Yamagataya Kenso Co.,Ltd.,Yamagataya Takayama-ten Co.,Ltd.,Hachiman Kenzai-ten Co.,Ltd., and Maruboshi Shinkenzai-ten Co.,Ltd.
Combined At Home and Home Window to Gifu Sales Dept.
Built Purchase-Logistics Dept. and Sales-Development Dept.
May 2010
Opened Photovoltaic Power Generation Branch
July 2010
Moved Home Build, Photovoltaic Power Generation Branch, and Refine Gifu to a building of Gifu Sale Dept. in Ginan-cho
February 2012
Takahiko Yoshida was inaugurated as Chairman
Tatsuhiro Yoshida was inaugurated as President
July 2014
Opened ReShumu Studio Nagoya Sanno Branch
July 2016
Merged Exterior Section to Refine Dept. to build Reform Garden Dept.
August 2016
Opened "THE REFORM Garden YAMAGATAYA" in Akanabe, Gifu